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Goblin Gumbo

Goblin Gumbo

Fires of Outland

1/121 booster packs

Goblin Gumbo Kettle
Binds when picked up
Use: Right Click to create a kettle of spicy Goblin Gumbo.

Goblin Gumbo disappears if logged out for more than 15 minutes. (30 Min Cooldown)
Goblin Gumbo
Conjured Item
Use: Absurdly spicy goblin stew of no nutrional value. Occasionally belch rank goblin breath for the next 5 min.

Starting with the first WoW loot card from "Fires of Outland" is Goblin Gumbo. Once redeemed, this loot code gives your character the item [Goblin Gumbo Kettle]. When used, the kettle can be placed near your character and can be looted/interacted an unlimited amount of times (during its 3 minute duration) and gives you a "Unique" item called Goblin Gumbo. The item itself has no nutritional value and is merely cosmetic, causing your character to belch rank goblin breath at irregular intervals during a 5 minute duration! This TCG loot card normally runs around $17-$30 USD for a "Buy It Now!" price, and around $5-$10 USD at most starting bids. This card is also usable with twinks, which allows for even more fun!

Buy It Now S&H Qty Origin Ending
  $22.02 USD
$0.00 1 CA 6 days 23 hours
  $24.99 USD
$0.00 4 / 128 CN 6 days 23 hours
  $34.95 USD
$0.00 1 US 6 days 23 hours
  $34.99 USD
$0.00 9 / 11 US 6 days 23 hours
  $38.97 USD
$0.00 1 GB 6 days 23 hours
  $30.00 USD
$10.00 1 SG 6 days 23 hours
  $29.36 USD
$14.68 1 CA 6 days 23 hours
  $49.99 USD
$0.00 10 / 10 US 6 days 23 hours
  $57.82 USD
$10.91 1 IT 6 days 23 hours
  $89.99 USD
$0.00 1 / 5 US 6 days 23 hours

About the Fires of Outland Expansion

Releasing a mere 4 months after "Through the Dark Portal", The Fires of Outland expansion boasts a whopping 249 cards, including the 3 loots cards. The Fires of Outland featured new stunning artwork on its cards with the introduction of WoW celebrity Leeroy Jenkins. This expansion of the WoW TCG card series is the third installment.

The TCG loot cards that are native to The Fires of Outland are as follows, in order of ascending rarity: