Saturday, November 27, 2021

Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation

Through the Dark Portal

1/121 booster packs

Picnic Basket
Binds when picked up
Use: Right Click to set up a relaxing little picnic. (3 Min Cooldown)
Grilled Picnic Treat
Binds when picked up
Use: A delicious grilled treat of questionable nutritional value. Must remain seated while eating.

Rest and Relaxation, redeemable for the [Picnic Basket], which is the least rare of the 3 loots from the "Through the Dark Portal" expansion, allows for a player to set down a blanket with a beach umbrella, and a small Hibachi Grill, which any player in the vicinity can interact with. Upon interaction the player will receive a "Grilled Picnic Treat" (no health recovery). This card is a fun, yet useful item which can easily be used wherever a mount can be summoned, and also has the dual-purpose of being a place marker for points of interest during a raid, though is also usable at any level which makes it available for twinks. Being the least rare of the three, this loot card can run you a mere $15-$20 USD for a "Buy it Now" cost, while it can cost anywhere around $3-$12 when looking at bids only.

Buy It Now S&H Qty Origin Ending
  $24.88 USD
$0.00 1 / 96 CN 5 days 21 hours
  $25.49 USD
$0.00 35 / 35 US 1 day 7 hours
  $29.99 USD
$0.00 1 US 7 days 14 hours
  $32.00 USD
$1.99 1 US 5 days 10 hours
  $21.88 USD
$15.63 2 / 2 CA 20 days 8 hours
  $39.09 USD
$0.00 1 CA 11 days 18 hours
  $33.95 USD
$9.05 2 / 2 ES 25 days 17 hours
  $39.55 USD
$8.36 1 DE 5 days 4 hours
  $64.20 USD
$0.00 1 US 11 days 3 hours
  $59.97 USD
$11.32 1 IT 13 days 2 hours
  $99.99 USD
$0.00 1 US 11 days 13 hours
  $100.00 USD
$0.00 1 US 22 days 2 hours
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About the Through the Dark Portal Expansion

Boasting a total of 319 cards, with three new loot cards, and only 6 months after its predecessor, it has 42 cards less than Heroes of Azeroth. Lacking as many cards as before, it certainly made up for a loss of numbers with many cards like Apprentice Merry, un-targetable by any other card and "Chipper" Ironbane, which has the ability to remove any equipment or ability, and can swing three damage points a turn, you could add an increased amount of power towards any deck or situation. But, the most interesting part would be the loot cards. Rare in more ways than one, let’s take a quick look at them in ascending order of rarity: